Blown Away (Macintosh Port)

Opening Movie

  • Original Developer: Imagination Pilots
  • Original Publisher: IVI Publishing
  • Original Release Date: 1994
  • Port Comissioned by: Green Dragon Creations, Inc.
  • Mac Release Date: 1995
  • Mac Publisher: (Couldn't find)

Excerpt from PC version review at Mac News Network???

Following the movie of the same name, Blown Away reaches players with an Interactive game developed by Imagination Pilots and published by IVI Publishing. The program runs under Windows and uses the new WinG library from Microsoft, designed to speed up graphics as Blown Away makes an extensive use of video animations.

Game Scene w/ movie
This was a project that I completed while attending college in Wisconsin. It made my life very
interesting, trying to work and attend an engineering college at the same time. I had been a
generally “B” student most of my life, but college really took all I had. As it turned out, I felt
that college wasn't as important to me as to some others, since the gaming industry didn't really
seem to care if you went, just how good you were. Fine by me, I'm not an academic anyway.


map puzzle scene
This was the first port I ever did. It was already entirely in C, so I believed it would be easy.
Unfortunately, that was not the case. Getting it to compile was already handled for me. But when
I got it, I found it to be a very difficult project. It was designed as a massive list of tables
of function pointers. It was very difficult to be certain what the program flow was, since you
couldn't know the table indexes until runtime. This made debugging quite interesting. I would
never have made it through without Jasik's Debugger (the best debugger I have seen to date).
Instead of using part of your display screen, it literally swapped in it's own screen so as to not
interfere with what you were doing. On top of that, it could disassemble anything, including the
OS itself, and make it make sense, so you could track things down.