The beginning of Wisdom

Congratulations! You’ve just realized that God has a power over both your life and the world at large. You’ve seen glimmers of hope that can only be explained by a God who cares about you and has power in the world. It feels like a tenuous grasp, difficult to notice on a daily basis, but it is there. What do you do with this knowledge?

You learn more.

God is all around you, and his touches are all around as well. But our lives have hidden Him in so many ways. Pain, suffering are everywhere. Love of any kind is scarce, evil rules the land. That is, until you look at the world from God’s eyes. Then you see people who care, beauty in simple things, and the realization that largely it is up to us to make things better.

The Bible is what God gave us to understand Him better. Instructions for life, a history of where we come from, a guidebook for where we should go. But it also understandibly daunting. It can be scary to approach it alone. It is much more approachable with a friend. I don’t claim to know all, but I do have experience. Questions are good. The more questions you ask, the more you can learn. You know how to reach me: throw a rock in the east river and I’ll get back to you.

The book we will learn from is the “starting place” for anyone who wants to understand what it is to be a modern God-follower. It is a letter sent to the Romans in Italy. They are not of Jewish descent; they are “grafted into the tree,” as God truly loves all, not just the chosen people.

I hope you will join me as I walk through God’s word and unpack it as best I can.