More than a Bandwagon

I’m going to say this because nobody else has. Our country is broken. God told us to put the least of us first. Instead, this country is run by the majority, at the cost of every other minority: Black, Mexican, Women, all. As a church, we are failing to do our job: God told the church to be the moral leader.

We pray for this country, yes. The church has preached. But it has done little to improve the thinking and lives of the people at large. We turned in on ourselves, closing ourselves off from new ideas and ways of communicating with ourselves and the rest of the world.

Even here at the church I attend, I have ideas to make us able to communicate better. We need ways to let our congregation talk to each other even when we cant all be together. For example, I propose we use email groups for each of our planned items so we can add interested people to anything we, as a church, choose to do. We had a Community Outreach Task Force! This was a good start. But we lost the thread because we are unwilling to communicate and organize properly.

God says all lives matter. Right now the world is looking at Black lives. We could be out there protesting in solidarity. It doesn’t have to be big, but it would be standing up for what is right in the eyes of God.

An example of big thinking we could do: Systemic racism started with lines drawn on government maps decades ago. Where was the church to say that was wrong to do? Where is the church now to help good people have a chance at better lives? All those lines drawn can be blurred by churches stepping in and lending money to good people who are trying to break through those lines. Where will the money come from? The other church members who can see the value of planting good people everywhere.

This is not radical by any means. Churches of old used to do it. Is it dangerous? Absolutely. It is worth the risk to make this world better? Absolutely.