They were someones kid too

Suggestions for Parents

Last night an acquaintance told me how he was driving home from work. Another day, much like any other. This one, someone jumped in front of his car. He missed them thank Goodness, but only to look in the rear view mirror and see to his horror that person jump in front of another car and get hit. Later that night he cared enough to call the police a second time to find out how the person was.

They died on impact. Drugs were likely involved.

So many souls lost to this world. So many lives wrecked by other peoples focus only on themselves. Life is hard – we all know it. It is no secret why kids turn to drugs. We understand it, we have studied it. It comes down to life’s pressures and not enough support from the people around them.

So why do so many parents make it harder on their kids?

Ive got three kids myself. One wants to be a nurse at least, maybe a doctor, so they can help people. Another has an engineer, analytical, mindset.

And one wants to work at Chili’s restaurant.

Every one of them I am proud of, and I tell them that. They are not super human somehow, though one of them might be. But they are all in this world together, a world that often doesn’t care, but sometimes does.

A seemingly modern problem is how all these kids want to identify themselves as a different gender than they were born with. Girls want muscle car toys, boys want to play with dolls. Everyone wants to act like a cat or dog, since they see them in all the kids books, teaching us lessons on life.

Who does this hurt? The relationship between parent and child. That is it. And completely unnecessary. Parents tell their kids that’s just not what a girl does. Yes it is. If you want to whine about equality in pay, you first better check the fact that you are limiting them from the day they are born. Not the world, but you, parent.

Even with drugs we get the message wrong. Say no to drugs, but then tell them to take aspirin when they feel sick.

A clearer message is be careful what you put in your body. Some drugs help, but only if you take the right amount. Some drugs can get you addicted with a single try. Some drugs, like alcohol, can be moderated. And yet some of those drugs that are perfectly fine for one person (alcohol again) will addict and destroy the next person.

Parents have high hopes for their kids. Its understandable, we hope they will be better than us. But survival expects a lot to begin with. Warn them, prepare them. Do not make the bar higher than it has to be.