why is software so #@#! hard?

I’m calling out HP on this one. All I want to do is scan some documents from an all-in-one printer through Adobe Acroboat so it’ll OCR it. Simple enough.


Sure, you can do multiple document scans… and adjust the brightness settings. But then you move to the next page you scanned, change it, change next… Hit Done.

*Every change you made is undone, reset to it’s automatic defaults.*

Do these people even have a QA department?

As a developer I’m appalled at the state of software today. Yet I know I can’t do anything about it. Why? Has nothing to do with my abilities as a developer. Sure I can make good, smart software. But the software industry is deluged with so many crap apps that nobody can find good ones! That there are 101 different ‘review’ sites, and none of them tell the truth, doesn’t make it any easier.


Had a mock-argument with a good friend over something very dear to me and my work. Realized that I couldn’t get my point across.

My job requires that I can get my point across. I’ve been working so hard that my ability to communicate seems to have suffered. Up to now I’ve avoided jumping on the blog-wagon, as anyone who I wanted to know what was going on with me, already did.

This is a training excercise. Comments are welcomed, to see if my points are getting across.

About Me

I typically end up dealing with all the junk most projects don’t think about until a week before release and they realize that not all devices act the same, and we can’t fit the game into the 100mb limit.

I am a twenty year game developer veteran. From humble beginnings as a shepard I rounded out my skills in application development, eventually building a business porting games from Windows to Mac the hard way. Working in mobile game development for many years with my own engine, working with Unity3d felt like coming home.

Major facets of my life: God, Family, Work. (Isn’t everyone’s?)

Despite non-religious parents, somehow as a teenager I learned God existed. Later my wife helped me understand that He got me through the hard times. Now I do my best to be a disciple of Jesus.

When we met, we were just gonna stay friends forever. No kids, just have a lot of fun together.
Fifteen years later we have been happily married for over a decade and absolutely love our three kids.

Coding since 1993 on an Apple ][e, and most of my career has been in games. I’ve proven myself capable in all levels of development from the lowest to highest levels of design and implementation.

Few years ago a couple good friends went to motorcycle riding school, and wifey said I could go. My father was big into it, and now I ride as often as I can… when the kids go to bed! :^)

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