This Side Toward Enemy

I hate political debates for president. I’ve seen two Democratic and one Republican this year already.

They’re all trying to make complex issues into black and white. Won’t listen to each other. Just want to bash Bush (Democrats) rather than actually fix anything.

I know (so far) who I’ll be voting for, and the debates really have helped to shape that. It’s not what they’re saying. You can tell which ones actually know what they’re talking about. There aren’t many.

Dell annoys me.

My brother bought a new dell lappy. Nice machine.

Vista came preinstalled. That’s OK. Wanted to downgrade to XP until Vista was ready. XP is listed as an available option when we bought the machine. But now, you can’t get the XP drivers from their website! How does that make sense?

Finally gave in. Vista. My brother’s gonna be annoyed. More importantly:
*I don’t like to lose.*