Each day has enough trouble of it’s own.

The friend who’s been staying with us for a couple months now got into a car accident late last night on the way home from work. A semi decided to stop not quite soon enough – got about two inches into my friend’s SUV.

Thank God, he’s not seriously injured. However it has severely aggravated an old back injury.

With any other opponent it would just have been a fenderbender, but with a semi involved even a tap is huge. I figure we replace the back hatch door and the car will prolly be fine.

all new internets

For months now I’ve been having serious trouble with my Belkin router dropping my net connection. After some research Friday, I finally bought a new one. This time I went with Netgear.

It’s working rather well actually. I can finally get net connection in all parts of my house, without difficulty. Took me a bit to get it working, because I thought it was failing. Turns out there seems to be some trouble with my Server machine getting overloaded, but it might just not be bandwidth limited anymore, so now having trouble keeping up. After turning off a few things, seems good.