this is how it’s supposed to be

Right now I have a friend staying with us, and he’s using my computers for various normal tasks.

He’s not a techy kinda guy. However, without instruction, he figured out User switching without difficulty.

That is why I still recommend Macs to people. The hardware is OK, still too expensive, but you have to admit they are easier to use.

why is software so #@#! hard?

I’m calling out HP on this one. All I want to do is scan some documents from an all-in-one printer through Adobe Acroboat so it’ll OCR it. Simple enough.


Sure, you can do multiple document scans… and adjust the brightness settings. But then you move to the next page you scanned, change it, change next… Hit Done.

*Every change you made is undone, reset to it’s automatic defaults.*

Do these people even have a QA department?

As a developer I’m appalled at the state of software today. Yet I know I can’t do anything about it. Why? Has nothing to do with my abilities as a developer. Sure I can make good, smart software. But the software industry is deluged with so many crap apps that nobody can find good ones! That there are 101 different ‘review’ sites, and none of them tell the truth, doesn’t make it any easier.